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If you’re looking for someone to look after and pamper your pets while you’re on holiday or unable to look after them we’ve got the service for you.

I am fully insured and licensed and I’m certified in dog first aid (I carry a first aid bag on all walks). I will show you the certificates and insurance documentation during consultation for your peace of mind.

If there’s anything not listed that you would like for your pet, then please use the Contact form and select Unlisted Service.

Please note: The indicated prices are base prices and may vary based on requirements or location.


A pet visit will consist of us going to your house where your pets feel most comfortable and feeding, giving water and walking them and generally making sure they’re ok.

We’re happy to discuss full sits where we stay overnight and spend the majority of the day with your pets. Alternatively you can request that we just go over and look after your pet for specific hours of the day.



Pet boarding means your pet gets a holiday as well and gets to spend some time with us in our own home. Here they will get food, water, walks and play.

Note: Preferable if dogs are cat-friendly as we have a permanent resident Luna. She has been brought up around large dogs and knows how to hold her own. Arrangements may be able to be made if the dog isn’t cat-friendly.



You let us know when you’d like your dog to be walked and we’ll take care of it.

We’re able to do morning walks, afternoon walks or evening walks (until 6pm).

We will discuss with you prior to the walks how the dog behaves on walks and their temperament towards other dogs to ensure they have the best time they can and you are as comfortable as possible.


Horse Care

We offer horse care, including anything from turnout to holiday care and everything in between. You decide what suits your horses best.

We are insured by BGA and BHS and will come up and visit beforehand to discuss arrangements. You can also use our contact form for any needs you would like to discuss.