Meet our fluffs

Meet our fluffs
Tim & Luna
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Hi Everyone,

Welcome! This is our first blog post and we’re excited to say that our website is now up and running!

We’d like to begin with introducing the two most important people in our household.

Luna (right) is our tortoiseshell and white kitty. She’s been around for several years now and grew up around a husky and a labrador, so she’s no stranger to large dogs, she knows how to handle herself. She’s coming round to the idea of a rabbit now, though he can irritate her.

Tim (left) is our mini lop rabbit, or so we believe. He was a rescue rabbit that had been running wild for a while, so we know very little about him, not even how old he is. He’s been part of the family since August 2018 and has already fallen in love with Luna. He just wants to get close and sniff her, she just doesn’t usually let him.

Stay tuned for more!

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